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Et oui, notre équipe, bien que diminuée d'un tiers (on pense à toi Noémie) est très soudée et motivée ! La preuve, cette petite vidéo réalisée rapidement sur les toits de San Francisco.

Petite vidéo de lancement from Accolade on Vimeo.

English version ...

... to come !

First, here are the texts in english (please, help us if you have improvements to suggest !) :

Hello everybody,
Have you heard about Multicap, our exploration of disability across the world ?

Multicap has just began. We meet local actors of disability who welcome us warmly.

Associations, families, disabled people, we meet passionating people who let us enter their world and teach us a lot.

But what is “Multicap” ?

We built the project “Multicap” to speak more openly about disability, through a documentary film and practices sharing. In fact, the world of disability is too often unknown if someone is not concerned directly. Nevertheless, this universe is really captivating, creative and simply natural. Disability and difference are part of the human nature.

So, for people who watch us, what is it like in practical ?

During one year, we will travel in different countries across the world. We will share our decoveries and feelings thanks to small reportages on our blog, before the final delivrables. We’ll try to make your look at disabled people evolve. and thus contribute to their better integration in social, family and professional life.

Basicly, follow our blog, whrere you’ll read the articles, view the first pictures and watch videos.
We are today in San Francisco, we will soon flight for Peru, then Bolivia. From september, Noémie, our camerawoman, will join us and we will travel together across Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

So follow us, contribute on our blog, and talk about our project around you.

Support our project and help us realize this wonderful project with donations.

Let’s go on the multicap adventure,

And don’t forget :

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1 commentaires:

angéline a dit…

j'adore, on dirait de vrais professionnelles, on croirait les journalistes de "envoyé spécial".
En tout cas, c'est une super idée que d'avoir réalisé cette petite vidéo... j'en avais les petites larmes dans les yeux...

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